2023 ‘Back On The Land’ annual booklet released

Continuing our successful ‘Back On The Land’ project, The Dasiqox Expedition Team is excited to announce the 2023 season schedule. This schedule, which involves three large, multi-day treks also includes smaller hikes throughout the season, which are all focused on elevating and nourishing our next generation of Tŝilhqot’in leaders.

Below is each page of the project’s 15-page brochure. The printed version of this brochure can be found at the two Tŝilhqot’in National Government office buildings in Williams Lake, the Tl’etinqox gas station, Yunesit’in band office, and Xeni Gwet’in band office and gas station. If you are interested in registering your teenaged child (age 12-18) for the 2023 Dasiqox Expedition Team, you can find the contact information on the second-last page of the brochure.